Photos from the Riga Smiles exhibition opening

The Riga Smiles exhibition was the last event in the art festival TÊTE-À-TÊTE IN 20 EPISODES that was supported by the Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation. It took place in Riga from the beginning of May to the beginning of June 2013.

  • Competition Jury

    The jury of the competition for the Riga Smiles project worked in the beginning of June 2013.
    The jury was comprised of:
    Ināra Tetereva, patron
    Boriss Teterevs, patron
    Māra Lāce, director of the LNMA
    Juris Dambis, head of the State Cultural Monuments Protection Inspectorate
    Kristaps Zariņš, prorector of the Latvian Academy of Art
    Helēna Demakova, art scientist and curator of the Riga Smiles exhibition